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With over 20 years of experience working with educational and research Institutes, ECLEVA has developed a suite of Student and Commercial Engagement lifecycles modules called EduRe. EduRe is built on Microsoft’s powerful technology stack providing an end to end relationship management solution for both Higher and Further education Institutes.

Attracting, recruiting, retaining and regaining students are the objectives of all Educational Institutes. EduRe’s Student Lifecycle Management solution consists of 6 modules that empower Institutes to align all teams that manage students deliver on these objectives.

Over the last few years Educational Institutions have had to develop alternative revenue streams with the advent of reduced Government funding and increased competition. EduRe’s solution is designed to help Institutions build stronger Commercial, Government and Partner Relationships.

Student Lifecycle Management
From student recruitment to alumni management, each module of EduRe for Student Lifecycle Management enables several different business functions to be completed.
Student Recruitment
Admissions & Enrolment
Student Life & Support
Student Retention
Alumni Management

Student Recruitment

  • ​Manage individual and organisational enquiries from enquiry sources such as web, email, face-to-face and phone
  • Referral system to differentiate and assign enquiries to relevant queues automatically​
  • Develop client profiles and track history of enquiries including their status
  • Real-time drill down reporting, enabling you to report on enquiry activity including enquiries vs. enrolments
  • Integrate with third-party marketing platforms to assist in nurturing and scoring enquiries
  • Enable auto responses via emails or texts
  • Predefined workflows against enquiry outcomes, enquiry categories and types automatically routing enquiries into queues, marketing lists whilst updating status
  • Dashboards and reports summarise data allowing you to easily see peak enquiry periods, number of enquiries available to work on, enquiries by queue and more

Admissions & Enrolment

The EduRe Admissions module enables the smooth transition from prospective student to an enrolled student.

  • Streamline the application process and leverage powerful workflows and dynamic reports to enable the user to keep on top of all applications and documents
  • Centralise and digitise document management to make the team more effective and efficient, giving them time back to focus on the student relationship
  • Auto campaign management that ensures students are converted from applicant to student
  • Integration with Student Management Systems to provide all the information where it is needed, when it’s needed. No more keeping 15 screens open at the same time

Student Life & Support

Student life is all about making the student experience enjoyable and engaging.

  • Organise events such as social events, sporting events, seminars, etc.
  • ​​Keep communicating with students with regular digital delivery messages
  • Support is helping students with counselling, general advice, managing complaints, etc.

Student Retention 

Student Retention is critically important to all Institutes. Utilising the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Dynamics 365, ECLEVA has developed a world leading Student Retention Solution.

  • Identify the key data metrics that help predict student attrition and then build integration with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to enable predictive analysis of students at risk of “dropping out”
  • Take this information and help the Students “at risk” by creating and managing them through their hardships and keep track on the progress through the case management solution


An often-overlooked part of Student Management Systems includes the ability to provide Event Management, Communications Management as well as the mechanisms to provide additional offers to graduates.​

​Help ensure the graduation day is a special day for the students and all stakeholders. Manage the event efficiently, ensure regular and accurate communications, organise guest speakers – a complete end to end management.​

Alumni Management

  • Easily identify which contacts are alumni members and segment what type of alumni they are – potential, registered, ambassadors and more
  • Segment marketing campaigns based on your alumni’s demographics, courses they have studied, and other relevant key attributes
  • Track and manage the activities that the ambassadors agree to undertake to support the organisation
  • Store alumni bios, CVs, testimonials and other PR media assets that can be used to promote the organisation and generate additional business
  • Track the industry groups and associations that the alumni are members of and use this information for industry round-tables, marketing campaigns and award nights​​
Commercial Lifecycle Management
EduRe’s Commercial Lifecycle Management solution consists of 5 modules that empower Institutions to build stronger relationships and provide more learning and career opportunities for students.​
Lead Management

Lead Management

  • Capture enquiry information from the website, face-to-face, email or phone and process it through to the CRM solution directly with the ability to use workflows to manage a notification and actioning process
  • A lead and opportunity tracking system that provides full transparency of every prospect in the system so that no opportunity goes unmanaged
  • Powerful automated lead nurturing capabilities that allows the organisation to remain top of mind with the prospect
  • Stakeholder management tools enable the users to keep on top of the key stakeholders, both internal and external, on each opportunity
  • Proposal and quote creation automation reduces double handling and human errors​​
  • Goal and opportunity management reporting provides powerful insights for forecasting and performance management​​


  • Capture, attach and store all formal and informal agreements in a central location
  • Track agreement status and set up automatic reminders alerting you when agreements are coming up for renewal
  • Report on value of agreements and revenue generated. Identify and develop strategies on those agreements that are yet to produce revenue
  • Added layer of security for commercial-in-confidence agreements
  • Identify key stakeholders and departments involved in the agreement and track communications, activities (email/tasks)
  • Segment partnerships based on a multitude of criteria – international, faculty, sales team member, clients and much more


  • Capture and track the source of tenders including who is requesting it and which department/unit is responsible for coordinating the response
  • ​​​​Milestones can automatically be assigned and notifications can be set up to complete tasks
  • Easily track which stage the tender is at i.e. work in progress, submitted, won etc.
  • Cost out the tender within the module
  • Workflows sit behind certain stages informing stakeholders of the outcome of tender responses and any won tenders can be linked to Business Opportunities. This provides the organisation with the ability to see those Tenders that are generating revenue
  • Tender related documents e.g. insurance certificates, promotional material, CVs etc. can be stored in the Tender Literature entity and be easily referred to and copied into tender responses


  • Create and manage the value of the marketing campaigns from one centralised tool which is the source of truth about customers and prospects​
  • Develop marketing campaigns and gain visibility of marketing spend, performance and campaign breakdowns
  • Gain ROI information from marketing campaigns by tracking enquiries and opportunities generated from marketing campaigns and their revenue
  • Track anonymous and known visitors to your website and assign scores to them depending on where they go. Once they fill in a webform, their anonymous traffic becomes revealed and can be used to understand their needs better


  • Manage the opportunity from qualification to closure
  • ​​Full costing capability
  • ​Merged into approved templates
  • ​Track all communications​
  • ​Convert opportunities into projects/contracts
  • Track and manage all project milestones and invoices
  • ​Review and assess your pipeline and won business
  • ​Cashflow projections
  • ​Financial Integration

“We can now track leads to enrolments. We now have quality data upon which to make informed decisions regarding our curriculum.”

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– Julie Poole, Customer Service Manager

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