Wiise Business Central

Clever ERP and accounting software
to run your business​

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, made to fit the Australian SME market. Wiise is an ERP software that manages your accounting, payroll, bank feeds, inventory, CRM and more in one place. Cloud technology that you can access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • Have you outgrown your existing accounting software?​
  • Are you managing your business out of multiple systems?​
  • Should your finance team focus on analysis, accuracy and business support rather than data entry?​
  • Do you spend hours consolidating data into spreadsheets just to report on simple metrics?​
  • Do you have lack of project oversight and profitability?

Streamline and see your business clearly with Wiise.

Enterprise-level technology designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes​

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Wiise streamlines your workday and brings your accounting, inventory, jobs and payroll in one hub

More than just accounting software, Wiise is enterprise-level technology designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. So no matter if you need one user, or 300, need consolidated reporting across multiple entities or locations, or are looking for a cloud ERP solution that scales with your business, Wiise is a solution you’ll never outgrow.​

​Streamline your work day and see how finance impacts forecasting, or inventory affects invoicing, to get a clearer picture of what’s happening at every level of your business.​

​Wiise is clever business software that handles the complexity of your business. See the complete picture so you can make decisions with certainty.

Microsoft Business Central and Wiise Development
Manage your whole business in one place

Bring everything you need to run your business into one hub. Get the information you need anytime, anywhere with software that grows with you.

See the full picture and get the right information instantly

Accounting, inventory, jobs, assets, people, payroll and operations in one hub

Affordable packages for all shapes and sizes of businesses

Wiise subscription packages make ERP technology accessible to every business.

The information you need to make decisions confidently

Real-time analytics and insights, powerful forecasting and reporting.

Software that grows with your business without the stress

No manual upgrades, just unlock enterprise features as you go.
ERP software made for Australian businesses

Wiise clients come from a broad range of industries — you each have your own challenges and unique needs. But you have a few things in common too.​

You’re struggling to manage your business in multiple, outdated or on-premise systems. So you can’t work remotely or report on your information easily. And you often have clunky, manual processes. You’re also looking to move to the cloud to be more efficient, access your data on the go and streamline your processes.

Not-For-Profits need a bit more from their software. So, we’ve developed a special version of Wiise for NFPs to help out. Use Wiise for NFPs to better manage your grants and funding sources, projects, teams, operations or even different entities. 

Efficiently manage budgets, projects and contracts on any device. Empower your team with a single source of truth with a holistic view of what is happening across various teams and projects.

Streamline processes for your growing financial services and manage all your entities in one place. Get real-time financial reporting and get the information you need to plan ahead with confidence.

Wiise solutions and resources for the Education sector. Enhance campus experiences, empower faculty, and harness data for better outcomes

Have better visibility of project costs with Wiise. Track your spend on projects and jobs and see percentage completion. Manage all your entities in one place and get real-time financial reporting. 

With Wiise, you can plan production with confidence. Know exactly what’s in your production orders, plan your equipment and resources, and see inventory availability instantly. Wiise has everything you need to manage your production line effectively.

Your warehousing, inventory and finances in one hub. Streamline stock reordering and know the true cost of shipments. Track orders and see updates in real-time. 

With Wiise, you’ll see the complete picture in one place. All the business tools you need to run clubs or associations of any size, at a fraction of the cost. Reduce your admin, get reports quickly and get more time to spend on your members. It’s a better way to work.

Benefits for your business
  • Real-time data and analytics for your business with enterprise-grade tools and make decisions with certainty.​
  • Automate everyday business process such as approvals and raising PO’s in one place and remove the need for re-keying information or manual processes. ​
  • Connect Wiise with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, so it’s business as usual.​
  • Consolidate your reporting across multiple locations, companies and warehouses.​
  • See how your finances, inventory or jobs are doing and forecast the future with automated reports.​
  • Get paid more quickly through Simplify’s click-to-pay and auto-reconciliation.​
  • Manage all your payments from one hub to see the full picture of your cash flow.​
  • With online set-up, and help from ECLEVA when you need it, you can be set up and ready to go in no time.
Customer Stories

Hear from Australian businesses on how implementing a Wiise solution assisted them and improved business outcomes.


CVGT: Hear from the Finance team at CVGT as they dive into how Wiise has helped their not-for-profit save financial reporting time and get granular program expense detail. All in one integrated system.​

​“We’ve probably saved a days’ worth of productivity every week through the connectivity between the finance system and the purchase order system.” ​

Ben, Finance Manager, CVGT

Financial Services

​Trilogy: Find out how a premium fund manager was able to support its growing client base. Moving away from siloed systems, Trilogy was able to support its complex business structure by gaining granular detail on their finances and saving time on manual processes. ​

“It’s saved us time and cut back on tedious processes. We now have better governance, better reporting and can really focus on growing our fund management business further.” ​

Justin, Chief Operating Officer, Trilogy

Why ECLEVA as your Wiise partner?​

ECLEVA is a Business Applications Consultancy with deep industry expertise that translates technology solutions to business outcomes.​

Rather than isolated point solutions, we provide an integrated, open set of technologies that form a stronger, more agile foundation from which to operate and grow.​

We partner with the best IT companies to provide the best IT solutions for our clients.

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