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Rapid Application Development is well suited to organisations that have a strong focus on investing in technology that delivers a great customer and employee experience. Great applications can provide your organisation with a strong competitive advantage.

Creating production-ready apps faster means that the business can benefit from its availability earlier, while new functionality continues to be released. Users don’t have to wait countless months for the right tools to be developed and released.

Demand for seamless and user-friendly applications is increasing at a faster rate than what developers can deliver. To address this shortage Microsoft has developed PowerApps. The objective of PowerApps is to enable business users to build their own apps without needing to have expert development skills. PowerApps is one of the leading low-code application platforms on the market.

Once ECLEVA has helped you prioritise the area that would benefit most from increased productivity and improved outcomes, a prototype application can be built for users to test within days or weeks.​

​Building these applications demands a greater level of business involvement which will in turn lead to higher user adoption. ​

​Additionally the approach of frequently iterating the applications means you only invest in functionality you need and your technology remains current within the market.

Benefits of this approach include higher software quality with significant risk reduction. The ability to quickly develop and share working prototypes allows the users to review functionality earlier in the application life cycle and provide feedback, helping to avoid rework and reducing tech debt down the track.

Microsoft PowerApps’ intuitive visual design, with drag-and-drop functionality allows “citizen developers” to develop apps that were once only reserved for high-end developers. Its look and feel has been designed from other familiar Office applications like PowerPoint making it highly intuitive to use.

Whilst PowerApps can introduce a very powerful capability into the organisation, the underlying data needs to be integrated and structured correctly. PowerApps are powered by data either surfacing the right information to the user or enabling the user to capture the right data. ECLEVA helps clients ensure their data platform is structured in the right way and with the right governance to enable “citizen developers” to flourish.

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