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Often the cost of reengineering business processes into an optimal state can prove extremely costly and take years. Solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI or Machine Learning systems enables you to create software that will automate repetitive manual business processes without needing to reengineer your business.

Process Automation software solutions are ‘robots’ (bots) that are configured to automate existing tasks which can include: transactional processing, data analysis, workflow triggers and interactions with any digital application, effectively replicating the manual actions undertaken by employees.​

Using Cognitive Services that have been prebuilt from Machine Learning and AI, allows you to leverage new capabilities which are not generally accessible to SMEs. By embedding cognitive services into your systems and processes you can significantly enhance data quality and productivity.

One example of Cognitive Services that ECLEVA has implemented for some of our clients is facial recognition. For one of our clients this service is validating the identify of thousands of photos annually as faces change and mature.

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