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ECLEVA has the expertise to build you a Business Intelligence system that will bring clarity and insights to your business with timely and relevant reporting and improved data quality.

ECLEVA will help you develop a prioritised reporting or BI roadmap using a simple 4-step approach. This will ensure you that the most critical reports, business processes and data gaps will get addressed and developed first.

ECLEVA has deep expertise in Power BI which is Microsoft’s key business analytics service. Power BI continues to be the top leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms and for many of our clients it has become their organisation’s centralised reporting portal and source of truth.

Power BI provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

You will feel confident in making decisions as we will: ​

  1. Build reports and dashboards that will give you a clear line of sight on both your lead and lag indicators.​
  2. Help you measure how well your organisation is performing and identify areas for continuous improvement.​
  3. Bring in data from multiple systems to give you a consolidated view of the health of your organisation.​
  4. Build single sources of truth with good quality reliable data.

We help you develop a clear BI Roadmap following a 4-step process which involves.

  1. Understanding your business. Some of the questions we will ask you include: ​
    • What are the critical areas that need to be measured and why?​
    • What are the critical lag and lead indicators? ​
    • What are the sources of company data?​
    • Where does the company’s data originate from?​
    • How does the data flow between teams and processes?
  2. Mapping all the stakeholders that rely on data and understand how they need, collect, use, analyse, access and require it visualised.
  3. ​Identifying key Data Source(s) and determine the appropriate Data Model and structure you need.​​
  4. Prioritising key stakeholders and key reports that need to be developed and delivered first.

Once the key stakeholders and critical reports have been prioritised in your BI roadmap, ECLEVA will start building prototype reports. Then within days or a few weeks we will start testing them with relevant stakeholders to ensure they meet their requirements.

​​Building these reports demands a greater level of business involvement which will in turn lead to higher user adoption. ​

Additionally the approach of building reports in a prioritised manner, with a high degree of business involvement, means you only invest in insights that are needed and used by the organisation.

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