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The Challenge

TAFE Queensland is a vocational education and training institution that has been serving Queensland for more than 130 years. With over 500 programs to offer, annual enrolment can reach more than 120,000 students across its 52 campuses in six Queensland and various international regions.


The Need

TAFE Queensland was looking for a single platform for all 52 campuses that effectively and efficiently manages all commercial partner data, processes and reporting with a simple interface and easy to use functions.

TAFE Queensland
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TAFE Queensland’s current system for managing commercial engagements was inefficient in addressing its business to business (B2B) needs.

The lack of a single central CRM system posed the following challenges for TAFE Queensland:

  • Variable guidelines for managing and recording commercial transactions across its network of regions and campuses.
  • Multiple systems for tracking commercial enquiries across its 52 campuses.
  • Different controls for data input and quality across various business functions as a result of varying use of terminology to describe the same things.
  • Multiple ways to monitor revenue coming from industry partners and industry sectors.

As a result, TAFE Queensland was experiencing multiple and inconsistent relationships for their long-term partnerships with government agencies or private companies that want to use TAFE Queensland as their training provider and subsequently reducing its commercial opportunities.

TAFE Queensland was looking for a well-developed B2B CRM platform that was easy to use by their commercial directors, business developers, contract managers, sales officers, commercial directors, faculty directors, and teaching staff handing the business delivery.

The Solution

ECLEVA was engaged to identify and implement an effective CRM solution for commercial engagement across their campuses.

ECLEVA recommended TAFE Queensland introduce a specially configured EduRe Suite for Commercial Engagement for managing TAFE Queensland’s leads, funding source tenders, contracts, preferred supplier tenders, 3rd party partnerships, marketing, and other relationship development activities.

The EduRe Suite provides the following client required features:

  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ease of use and better security for TAFE Queensland’s data.
  • Can be tailored to meet virtually any education institute scenario.
  • Can automate key business functions.
  • Leverages the analytical power of Microsoft’s reporting engine and Power BI. Store partnership agreements in a central location and track agreement status.

ECLEVA delivered the business solution on time and within budget using five key phases:

  • Phase 1: Determine and Align Standards, Processes and Skills.
    Facilitated several workshops with TAFE Queensland Subject Matter Experts to agree on a set of commercial engagement standards, business process, skills and terminology.
  • Phase 2: Configure and Build a Cloud Solution Platform in Line with Client Objectives.
    Configured EduRe Commercial Engagement applications using the Waterfall methodology to meet the requirements outlined in Phase 1.
  • Phase 3. Change Management & Training Strategy.
    ECLEVA with TAFE Queensland’s support conducted a 4 week face-to-face and skype workshop training sessions for approx. 300 users. A detailed knowledge base was created and maintained on a central portal that had contextual access via Dynamics 365.
  • Phase 4: Cloud Solution Delivery.
    Delivery was undertaken via Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure to reduce hardware costs and improve collaboration with the developers if the CRM system needs to be scaled.
  • Phase 5: Ongoing Support and Service Delivery.
    ECLEVA will continue to provide TAFE Queensland users with any trouble shooting issues that arise.

By streamlining commercial engagement processes using EduRe and Microsoft Dynamics 365, TAFE Queensland achieved the following outcomes:

  • A common standard or processes and rules for engaging with commercial clients
  • An ability to see ALL commercial engagement activities and contracts across the State
  • A view of all potential and won commercial contracts
  • A revenue cash flow statement by month, team and regions for all won business
  • A view of all 3rd party agreements such as; community engagement, co-delivery partnerships, matriculation partnerships across the state
  • A central repository for all commercial engagement leading to a well managed client engagement
  • Alignment of training and skill development of staff to large-scale project delivery
  • Alignment of education and training to employability skills.

TAFE Queensland needed a central view of all commercial engagement across the state and due to ECLEVA’s education domain expertise, Microsoft Dynamics 365 knowledge and the EduRe Suite of Commercial Engagement Applications they were the perfect partner. The project ran smoothly and was delivered on time.

– Mr Dean Sedgman, Chief Information Officer, TAFE Queensland.
Client Star Satisfaction

After the training, ECLEVA conducted a survey and below are the key results:

  • 65% of the respondents rated their overall training experience as Very Good.
  • 78% noted that the knowledge and information they gained from the training met their expectations.
  • 100% agreed that the training achieved the programmed objectives.

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ECLEVA is an Australian-based, leading expert in developing business technology solutions for different sectors. The company offers a wide-range of services including CRM, XRM, document/ content management, mobility solutions, and business support.

With more than 20 years of experience working in the education sector, ECLEVA has developed the EduRe suite – pre-built, customisable applications that can be used by universities and TAFEs to build long-term commercial partnerships and improve the student experience.

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