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Wodonga TAFE comprises of 100 employees and has been a provider of vocational education and training since 1986. The organisation services a regional population of more than 100,000 and provides a range of students and business enterprises across Australia with onsite training and distance education programs. Wodonga TAFE aims to continually raise performance standards and strengthen its independence and reputation by developing student abilities.



Wodonga TAFE’s existing paper-based customer relationship management (CRM) system was inefficient and inadequate in addressing its needs. The institute was challenged by a lack of centralised access to information and had trouble in recording and tracking communication with students. The system was also unable to compile meaningful information for decision-making and marketing activities.

Wondonga TAFE
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Wodonga TAFE decided to implement Microsoft (MS) CRM to overcome the limitations of its existing system.

Wodonga TAFE chose MS CRM because it provides the option for in-house deployment, is highly customisable to suit the company’s needs and provides a 360-degree view of all student interactions.

– Patrick Northcott, the CEO of ECLEVA

Wodonga TAFE selected ECLEVA to implement the solution so it could benefit from the experience of both companies. With ECLEVA’s expertise in Dynamics CRM and business solutions development, they provided a technically and strategically viable strategy to help Wodonga TAFE.


ECLEVA rolled out MS CRM in a series of phases and workshops, on time and within budget. The initial phases involved gaining an understanding of Wodonga TAFE’s business requirements and how the solution would meet these needs. This was followed by the architectural design phase and finally the transfer from the old to new system. The workshops helped identify a variety of underlying business issues.

The workshops gave Wodonga TAFE a clear understanding of its roles, responsibilities and information process. Feedback and adjustments were made during each phase to ensure the software was meeting the business’ needs, rather than the other way around.

– Martin Halmarick, Managing Partner at ECLEVA

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes information available to any Wodonga TAFE employee from a central source, enhancing the visibility of information and communication across departments.

The centralised information system ensures no file ends up on the wrong desk. MS CRM is also accessible online, so teachers no longer have to take files home as they can log in remotely.

– Geoff Young, Team Leader, Learning Innovation at Wodonga TAFE

Wodonga TAFE needs to keep track of all communication that teachers have with students to comply with statutory requirements.

MS CRM gives teachers a quick and easy way of recording all interactions, and its configuration abilities prevent records being deleted or edited. Wodonga TAFE has developed an Individual Learner Management Process to increase work-based and flexible modes of delivery to suit the needs of the learner and the employer.

MS CRM enables tracking and recording of the students’ learning pathways as well as information gathered from student interviews at the beginning, middle and end of courses. These interviews help identify the type of learning that suits each student so teachers can adapt their programs to meet everyone’s needs.

Young said, “A teacher can open a student profile on any computer within the institute and have access to this information.” MS CRM logs all expressions of interest for courses in the system. For example, if one person wants information on a visual arts course, Microsoft CRM automatically assigns this person as a ‘contact’ in the system and adds them to a wait list. By reviewing a wait list, Wodonga TAFE can monitor the level of demand for that course. Each expression of interest is assigned an automatic workflow. For example, all expressions of interest during information nights are entered into the MS CRM by Wodonga TAFE staff on the evening and the system automatically sends them an email thanking them for their expression of interest, with course information and enrolment forms attached. The email is already in their inbox before they get home.


MS CRM has given Wodonga TAFE the following benefits:

  • Reduced time and costs associated with recording and accessing information by shifting from a paper-based to an electronic CRM system
  • Increased efficiency and communication with centralised, more accessible information
  • Smoother decision-making processes with more meaningful information about course demand
  • More streamlined and targeted marketing activities with automatic workflows for enquiries and expressions of interest. Wodonga TAFE plans to roll out additional marketing activities with MS CRM and integrate it with other systems, including its student portal and student management system

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