Patrick Northcott

Global CEO, Founder
Patrick Northcott is founder and CEO of ECLEVA (previously known as PnP Solutions). Prior to ECLEVA he was CIO for a number of large corporates supporting business growth through digital transformation.

Costin Lichi

Director – Global Operations
Costin Lichi combines a pragmatic approach with deep skills in business analysis, project management, agile and scrum practices and technical solution design to drive high quality projects that deliver fast value for our clients.

Antun Scurla

Sales Manager
Antun has a strong grasp of what business owners need and the key challenges facing organisations today. He has over 20 years of sales experience in the IT solution space.

Tom Egan

Managing Director, Ireland
Tom Egan is an experienced business and IT Consultant. He has over 30 years experience at senior IT management levels in both the private and public sectors.

Devendra Baghel

Head of Development
Devendra is ECLEVA's lead Solutions Development Manager. He has extensive experience in requirements analysis, application solution architecture design, development, systems integration and project and delivery management. His team practices agile and scrum to ensure they deliver rapid time to value to our clients.

Akhilesh Sharma

Infrastructure Manager
With over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure; be it on premise, cloud or hybrid, Akhilesh is ECLEVA's Lead Infrastructure Architect. Akhilesh and his team will develop the right infrastructure solution which is aligned to our clients' organisational goals and governance requirements.

Cristina Northcott

Design Led Thinking Specialist
With 22 years of strategic planning experience, Cristina works with clients to develop their technology strategy and prioritised roadmap. Using design led thinking principles she works with clients and developers to build applications that improve customer and employee experiences.

Joanne Youngman

Finance Manager
Joanne has worked as a Finance Manager for over 20 years in the IT industry across small to medium sized organisations. She has a solid commercial acumen and good understanding of business drivers.

Snehal Patel

Snehal leads the ECLEVA applications and infrastructure support team. Snehal ensures that our clients experience a smooth transition from the development to production environment and provides ongoing support to users. Snehal and his team consistently receive raving feedback from clients on their approachability, responsiveness and helpfulness.