Category: Testimonial

"We can now track leads to enrolments. We now have quality data​ upon which to make informed decisions regarding our curriculum."
- Julie Poole, Customer Service Manager
"​We reviewed several suppliers and were impressed by ECLEVA’s methodology and approach. ECLEVA uses agile project methodology, which I like. I also liked the way in which they prepared, and also showed their understanding of our business."
- Craig Birchall, Director
"ECLEVA is number one when it comes to responsiveness and timeliness. We have a great relationship. ECLEVA specializes in niches like NFP, education and so on. Most IT companies don't get us so their specialization really helps out. Most technical people think only like technical people and don't listen. ECLEVA is different. They also have very good competitive pricing. ECLEVA is professional, responsive and the technical experts."
- Peter Leau, Business Director
"​Now we have full transparency on when documents are sent, delivered and downloaded. This has de-risked out projects immensely."
- Angus Greenwood, Systems and Innovation