IT Security Diagnostic Program


Thinking your organisation is sufficiently protected against security threats isn’t good enough. You need to know.


The IT Security Diagnostic Program is a low effort, high impact program designed to help IT Security Leaders assess and improve their security practices. Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

Improving IT Security starts here:

Step 1: Assess Current Operations Based on Best Practices
Governance & Management Scorecard


Understand your current strengths and weaknesses, then follow our recommended customised roadmap of practical and prioritised action items to improve and optimise your security governance and management.

STEP 2: Measure Business Satisfaction and Identify Security Needs
IT Security Business Satisfaction & Alignment


Measure business satisfaction in terms of security confidence and the amount of friction for business processes, and analyse gaps between IT and business perceptions.

STEP 2: Measure Business Satisfaction and Identify Security Needs
Security Process & Technology Effectiveness


Optimise IT security policies and processes, and drive improvement in technology usage and decisions.