ECLEVA Customer Testimonials: Baptist World Aid Business Unit (Full Video)

Baptist World Aid Australia is a Not-for-Profit Christian organisation, committed to empowering the world’s poor to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Jessica Barry (Acting Company Secretary at Baptist World Aid): As part of our Child and Youth Focus Programming, our international partners collect information and survey the children in our programs. 

Internally our processes were very manual. We were using a system that was really clunky, it did the bare minimum and wasn’t going to serve us into the future. We were looking to engage in a new program we brought ECLEVA on to help us basically solve that problem and they did. 

ECLEVA helped us to create NEO Connect. This new system allows us to dream big. We’re able to dream into the future to think about how do we want to be communicating with our constituency on things like disaster, child rights advocacy. We are able to deliver more targeted, more useful programming to the communities that we are working with. 

ECLEVA had a big part to play focusing our efforts and helping us to prioritise what we wanted from this new system. 

Renee Dixon (Supporter Engagement Manager at Baptist World Aid): I supervised the inbound team, our outbound phones team and recently also our donation processing team as well. 

I found really quickly when I started this job, the team struggled because we didn’t have access to information easily. We had it in our database but we couldn’t actually put our hands on it quickly. 

So we’ve been working on a project with ECLEVA. The systems that we’ve built in during the work of this project means that my team have an easier job to do they can focus on what their core activity is which was to build rapport with their supporters. 

ECLEVA would come alongside of me and just ask really helpful questions. They’re so good at getting inside of what a manager is struggling with and understanding the pain points and the challenges but really helping you to see that the solution is actually right in front of you, it’s so close. 

What I’ve really gained from this process has been clarifying what it was I was trying to solve and in what order and then knowing that I had the tools and systems to actually solve the problems is releasing me to do the things that I want to do because the systems are humming along in the background now. 

Jessica Barry (Acting Company Secretary at Baptist World Aid): The great thing about working with ECLEVA is that they care as much about this work as we do. They really understand where the pain points are and they’re not just looking to solve the problem that you have, they’re looking to really future-proof you. 

We now have this completely different outlook and culture around how technology can support us to innovate and to streamline. 

Renee Dixon (Supporter Engagement Manager at Baptist World Aid): Previous to this project and working with ECLEVA I hadn’t really realised the immense benefit that technology could bring to my team. And as soon as I did I felt like my kind of world of options opened up really quickly and suddenly I started to see that technology could solve problems that I hadn’t even thought of yet. 

The better we connect with our supporters the more generous they are, the more vulnerable people across the world that we can help and the greater the impact we can have. 

And in addition to that, we can really help our supporters see the impact of their donations and their generosity and who it’s connecting with. And so technology is helping us do all of that better.

Jessica Barry (Acting Company Secretary at Baptist World Aid): Other Not-for-Profits should be engaging in technology like this because technology is the future. Technology connects people and that’s what we try to do here as an organisation and the best way that we can do that is through technology and this system allows us to do that. 

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