The overall success of an IT department will depend on the strength of its underlying core processes. Improving your processes means that you spend less time fighting fires and more time delivering exceptional business value.

IT management and governance framework

Understand Your IT Department’s Strengths & Weaknesses

with the IT Management & Governance Diagnostic

Step 1

Once a year, take a step back from IT’s day-to-day operations and look at the big picture.

Understand your team’s perception of each process’ importance and effectiveness.

Build your framework for managing and improving the IT department over the long term.

Step 2

Prioritise Your key IT Processes & Build an Improvement Roadmap

Cut through the noise: uncover the IT processes that really matter in building your world-class IT department.

Align your team behind achieving your vision, communicating the rationale behind your decisions.

Prioritise quick wins to show your stakeholders that rapid improvement is a priority.

Step 3

Establish Clear Ownership of Core IT Processes

Use our scripted ownership exercise to make your next IT leadership team exciting and effective.

Ensure that every IT process has clear ownership and accountability.

Balance responsibilities so that senior staff aren’t overloaded and junior staff aren’t underleveraged.

Step 4

Empower Your Team with a Training & Development Plan for Process Owners

Engage your team by communicating how their efforts will contribute to your organisation’s big picture.

Kick off your team’s initiatives by setting clear objectives, timelines, and key success metrics.

Provide your team with the tools and best practices they’ll need to learn skills and drive improvement for the team.