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Antun Scurla

Q&A with Antun Scurla – Sales Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Antun Scurla, Sales Manager at ECLEVA.


  • AntunHow long have been working for ECLEVA?

Since 2012


  • What was your path here?

I was initially introduced to Patrick in late 2012 to provide Sales Training and Mentoring Services. The relationship grew from there. Prior to that I held a number of Consulting, Direct Sales and Management roles in both local and global IT companies.


  • Where did you grow up?

On the mean streets of Balmain in the late 60s.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

Astronaut or Stage Coach driver – I was never able to choose.


  • What does your role involve?

I’m responsible for driving revenue growth at ECLEVA. That means working closely with Patrick, Martin, Benny and all our CDM’s to identify areas where we can continue to increase the value of our offerings to our existing and potential clients and ensuring that that value is delivered.


  • What do you do outside work?

I play guitar. I play computer games and I study the mysteries of human behavior (mostly within my own family).


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

All the work I’ve done has been interesting. I honestly can’t pick the most interesting. I can tell you the most boring (cleaning bricks).


  • What’s it like in the office?

Great. We’re a very focused and motivated team. The organisation is very open and collaborative, and we literally work together in an enterprising way to innovate and simplify everything we do for ourselves and our clients.


  • What motivates you?

Seeing a good plan deliver the fruits of its promise and, as a result, actually make a difference to how people do their work.


  • What’s one of the favourite songs you’ve listened to lately and why?

Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ) – Small Red Boy. I like songs that most people might find “uncomfortable” but nonetheless deliver truths about the human condition. This is a great example and is executed beautifully.

Patrick Northcott

Q&A with Patrick Northcott – CEO of Ecleva

We sat down with Patrick Northcott, the CEO of ECLEVA for a quick chat during his busy day.


  • PatrickWhere did you grow up?

I grew up in England but moved to Cape Town South Africa when I was 10 years old. I then moved to Australia in 1993.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

UCT (University of Cape Town, South Africa), where I did a Bachelors of Computer Science.


  • How long have you been at ECLEVA?

I started the company 20 years ago now.


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day will generally involve wearing multiple hats. Business Development Management, CEO, Line manager, Coach, getting involved in product delivery etc.


  • What do you do outside work?

The little spare time I get outside of work and family I like to spend on photography. I enjoy Landscape photography, Seascape, Night, waterfall and portraiture.


  • What’s your favorite book?

A hard question, there are so many good ones. I like reading all kinds of books and particularly enjoy reading all books of a particular author. At the moment I’m reading through the works of Orson Scott Card.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and am lucky enough to be able to be in my dream job. In year 8 I built my first student administration system for my school. I had an office next to the principal with computers and everything. I was lucky enough to find my calling early on, which led me to my purpose, which is to build things that add value to people.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

Running ECLEVA for sure. Every project is interesting. Mapping a business to good technical solutions add value is what I love doing most


  • What is the most different job you have had?

I was a skydiving instructor for 4 years in the 80’s. I did over 800 jumps and 50 tandem jumps during that time.


  • Last favorite songs you listened too and why?

Bolero (Classical piece by Maurice Ravel). Reminded me of the business growing in intensity through hard work to a crescendo of productivity and results.


  • Wine or beer?



  • What motivates you?

Seeing results of our hard work. Delivering good solutions that add great value to our clients, and turning clients in to raving fans.

Martin Halmarick

Q&A with Martin Halmarick – Managing Partner at Ecleva

We have a chat with Martin Halmarick, managing partner at ECLEVA.

 Martin Halmarick

  • Where are you based?



  • Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sydney but spent a year in Mendoza Argentina as an exchange student which was an awesome experience.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

Macquarie Uni, Bachelor of Science, University of New England, Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Management


  • What does your role involve?

As an owner of a business you need to set direction and empower staff to deliver on your vision.


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day involves working with our team to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and managing the exciting challenges along the way.


  • What do you do outside work?

Spend time with family and friends enjoying life. I volunteer at my two sons’ rugby club, refereeing and coaching my eldest sons under 10 team. I a firm believer that the more you put into things the more you get out of it. We also like to spend time at the beach in summer and you can often find me bowling medium pacers on the mid north coast of NSW beaches.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

Managing a small business because it’s always challenging and exciting. The feeling of starting with nothing but an idea and building something of value for my business partners, staff and customers is very rewarding. I’m inspired by people who are willing to take calculated rewards and the dedication to see it through to the end.


  • How do you get to work?

Drive my car.


  • What’s it like in the office?

We pride ourselves on creating a culture where everyone feels confident to speak their mind and embrace innovation. A common theme is respect, I’m a firm believer in providing an environment where the best versions of people can thrive. Our key values are, Enterprising, Collaborative, Engaged and Integrity and through this environment we can produce innovative ideas, simply delivered. I feel that this is more than a catch phrase for us.


  • What motivates you?

I have a strong sense of responsibility to my family, staff and customers and when I start something and provide promises I am focused on making it a reality. I don’t like being a ‘me too’ person or company, I am driven to be innovative and clever and to explore how technology can be used to improve people’s lives, that gets me up each day and excited.


  • What’s one of the favourite songs you’ve listened to lately and why?

Boston – More than a Feeling – I know, not very rock like but it’s a cool tune to belt out in the car as you are driving along.

Jeff Looms

Q&A with Jeff Looms – Client Delivery Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Jeff Looms, Client Delivery Manager at ECLEVA.


  • JeffHow long have been working for ECLEVA?

Since May 2007.


  • What was your path here?

What really started my interest in IT industry was a TAFE subject. This steered me down path of operator, programmer, analyst, it manager, business owner and now certified consultant / business analyst.


  • What does your typical day look like?

Fire fighter, technical support officer, analyst/tester, business consultant, mentor, relationship manager, development manager, … just call me “the glue”!


  • What’s your favorite part about working at ECLEVA?

Watching the company grow, and working in the not for profit and education space.


  • What has been your proudest achievement at ECLEVA?

Each and every successful implementation.


  • What do you enjoy about this industry?

Helping the organizations I work with realize their potential.


  • Who inspires you?

Neil, Buzz & Mike; of course! [ed. Astronauts]


  • What are your five songs that give rhythm to your day?

Music is not a necessity to get me going; whatever I may have heard before walking out the door in the morning.


  • Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I like to travel, play and watch sports


  • What attracted you to join ECLEVA?

Looking to expand my Dynamics CRM experience.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

Astronaut, I watched the first moon walk ‘live’!


  • Wine or beer?

Wine, Beer or Spirits; I don’t discriminate, unless it contains gluten!

Costin Lichi

Q&A with Costin Lichi – Client Development Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Costin Lichi, Client Development Manager at ECLEVA.


  • CostinHow long have been working for ECLEVA?

Since 2015


  • What does your typical day look like?

There is no such thing for me, the job is too varied, which is great. It can involve anything from starting a new project, supporting a long-term client, training customers, designing a new solution. I love being an innovator and spending my time coming up with ways to solve customers’ challenges in an easy way. The less complicated the solution is in the end the happier everyone is.


  • What’s your favorite part about working at ECLEVA?

Developing challenging solutions; Working with very competent and dedicated people (with a great sense of humor); Delivering solutions that make the clients ecstatic!


  • What was your path here?

I have held many roles, all of which have helped me develop the experience that I feel is need to work at this level. I have worked as a Quality Manager; Change Delivery Manager; CIO; Program Manager; CRM BA/Delivery Management Consultant, all of which have added aspects that help me help our customers.


  • What’s helped you to get to where you are now?

Getting tired of corporate politics. I have in the past worked for organisations where politics was getting in the way of doing proper work for customers. I enjoy working with a company like ECLEVA because we are a very flat organisation with no politics to speak of.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

Coming from Romania originally, my dream was simply to live in a “free” country. Every day here is a good day.


  • Wine or beer?

Neither, I’m a teetotaler


  • What one thing do you wish you had (skill, thing or other)?

Less loud, I have a talent for being heard in the office. I think my voice box was designed to be working next to an airport.


  • When you’re not in the office, where do you most like being?

I work a lot for my wife’s business and am building systems for them. Running intensive uphill and on the beach to be a bit gentler on the joints. At the moment, I’m also spending time keeping up to date with the latest technology.