To those solving the problems of the world – ECLEVA says thank you

Last week the ECLEVA team had the amazing experience of attending the annual NETHOPE summit in Puerto Rico, supporting a community that is still rebuilding itself after the devastation of Hurricane Maria over two years ago. With the shared vision of using technology to bring communities out of poverty and devastation, the summit brought together the IT communities from the largest NGOs, Academics, thought leaders, technology partners, and vendors including Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon to name a few.

NETHOPE Summit 2019
The NGO sector faces several challenges, including supporter funds declining, while poverty, natural disasters, and political unrest continue to rise. The key message from the conference was clear that digitisation, automation, and interoperability of systems and data is required in the NGO sector to drive sustained community impact and ongoing donor support. The MS Common Data Model was referenced repeatedly as the next major technology disruptor.
As a Microsoft Partner for over two decades, including a MS Partner for Social Impact, ECLEVA has worked with many non-profit clients over the last 15 years. Having developed a number of business and in-field apps aimed at strengthening the connections between donors and communities through positive change stories, accurate impact reporting, and better supporter management, ECLEVA is excited to continue being part of this community and working with our innovative clients to achieve more significant impact.
At ECLEVA, we would like to say a big thank you to all our NGO clients and partners for the inspirational work they do and the HOPE they restore!